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At Penghana we love to make our guests feel special. It is what makes a stay at Penghana different from just about anywhere else in the region. A home in the wilderness, Penghana is a destination, not necessarily the journey. Our guests constantly praise our attention to detail and tell us everything is done with a sense of style and elegance.

A friendly welcome

When you arrive at Penghana to stay, we greet you warmly and in person. You won’t find any soulless check-in by remote control here. We make a point of remembering your name.

We strive to ensure that Penghana is much more than just a place to stay, but an experience that spoils your future B&B expectations, particularly when you arrive weary from your travels.

We go out of our way to make you feel at home.


Cooked to order (how do you like your eggs?) using fresh Tasmanian produce and presented with full silver service style in our formal dining room, our signature cooked breakfast will get your day off to a great start.

We endeavour to cater for most dietary needs, but advance notice is required, so please let us know of any special needs when you book with us.

We source the best quality local produce and gourmet ingredients, supporting businesses on the West Coast and across Tasmania.


Penghana is just a short walk from the centre of Queenstown. But in the dark, or when it’s raining, or when you’ve had a long day, you’ll want to relax. So host Steve will drive you to and from your evening dinner venue in Queenstown, in the Mercedes that he lovingly describes as ‘the Merc for work’.

Just let us know when you arrive if you’d like the service – and if you’d like some ideas on what dining options are available, ask us or see our Dining Options page.


There’s nothing like a glass of port to wind down before bed. So we offer complimentary carafes of a very pleasant tawny and some glasses in each room, so you can help yourself. To be enjoyed in moderation, naturally.