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There is lots to see and do around Queenstown. Here are a few suggestions, including short drives, local walks and local art and culture. Please  ask us if you need more, or want information about more distant attractions. And, please, always take care when venturing outdoors, ensure you are well-prepared, check the forecast and take all safety precautions.

Nelson Falls, near Queestown, Tasmania

Housed in the original Imperial Hotel (built 1897), this volunteer-run museum is a great place to discover the stories of Queenstown’s history

Soggy Brolly is Lea Walpole’s graphic design studio and shared art space. Exhibitions change regularly and the space is available for local and visiting artists. The Q West Community Gallery at 15-17 Driffield Street is also worth a visit.

If you are looking for a quirky second-hand bookshop, The Missing Tiger will keep you busy for hours.

A short, sharp walk up this hill from the centre of town offers stunning views across the valley and back to Penghana.

Stop at the top of Gormanston Hill before descending into Queenstown to take this easy walk.

Located 25km south of Queenstown on the Lyell Highway, these spectacular waterfalls are located a short walk from the carpark.

A short drive west from Queenstown on the Mount Jukes Road takes you through the mountains and offers lovely views.