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Meet your hosts

Steve and Karen, your hosts at Penghana Bed and Breakfast


We are mainlanders who are absolute converts to Tasmania.
Our first ‘tree change’ happened when we left behind corporate careers and all that goes with that lifestyle, moving from inner city Brisbane to a small village in northern NSW, where we owned and operated the general store, post office and other ancillary businesses for 11 years.
The desire to move to Tasmania was a three-year dream. We took our time making numerous visits and exploring numerous bed and breakfast businesses. Karen has been a renovation devotee and loves old houses, so the decision to move to an amazing old house in Tasmania was a no brainer, and we purchased Penghana Bed & Breakfast as a business in December 2015.


It’s simple; we could feel the potential of the business and the location, and we knew we could easily make a second ‘tree change’ to a larger self-contained township with a rich history in a more remote area of Western Tasmania.
Queenstown has an amazing history spanning more than 120 years and has survived, thrived, and changed with the times. It has the cleanest air, no humidity and is within easy access of the 47% of Tasmania that is managed as national parks. Yes, we get a lot of rain here in the west, but it might surprise you that it is no more than the Tweed Valley in northern NSW where we came from, at around 2-2.5 metres per annum.
Most importantly, Queenstown presented us with the opportunity to acquire this unique business, live in an amazing house, become part of a close-knit community, meet and host amazing people from all over Australia and the world at large, and provide us with a new challenge.
We love it here and we love welcoming guests from all over the world and introducing them to Queenstown and Tasmania’s Western Wilderness.