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Penghana circa 1960s

Penghana History Display

Hosting our guests and keeping Penghana looking good and running smoothly takes up most of our time, but when we do have some spare moments, there’s nothing we love better than finding out more about the history of this remarkable home.

Over the past year or so, we have been undertaking research about previous occupants of Penghana. We have been fortunate to be able to contact and meet several former residents, managers of the Mount Lyell Mine and their families. They have been exceptionally generous, answering our queries, filling in gaps in our knowledge and sharing the contents of family albums.

We have also been working with the team at the National Trust of Tasmania as well as our talented local graphic artist, and the result is a new permanent display of photographs and other memorabilia relating to Penghana’s history, that will be on permanent display in the Ballroom.

A series of panels has been created highlighting the evolution of the house through plans, alterations and photos showing how it has changed through the decades. There is a list of the General Managers and their years of service, plus photos of some General Managers and their families as well as of some weddings held here over time.

We launched the exhibition in early October with a special afternoon tea and celebratory cake with a select group of invitees who all had a connection to Penghana, as well as public figures who recognise Penghana’s value and prominence. Guests included three past General Managers and their wives, and the daughter of another Manager – between them covering Penghana’s residents from 1960 to 1995.

The display is available to be viewed by guests at Penghana and will be open to the public on selected special occasions, beginning with The Unconformity festival from 19-22 October, 2023.

Our thanks to Ruth Forrest for sharing these photos of the launch, which was also a celebration of Penghana’s 125th birthday, with a suitable cake.

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